Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scooter photos from the weekend

Scooter is still paddling about. He seems to be in the company of a similarly-sized swan, who may be one of his siblings. It's hard to tell now. Scooter is easy to find, he's the one with only one leg that works right. You can see here that most of his foot is gone, and the stump doesn't look the healthiest. I'm hoping to see him have a lash at flying one day. I did see two swans skimming across the surface of the water without really lifting off the other day, but I couldn't tell if one was Scooter.

Scooter - 4th July 2010
Scooter's left foot - 4th July 2010


  1. Mark, I volunteer at Native ARC, a wildlife rescue service. The folks here suggested that one of your local similar groups should be told about poor Scooter so that they could assess his foot if they deem it necessary.

    Any chance of giving one a call? Scooter could die if it becomes infected.

    John Oliver

  2. You are are great writer. Nice photgraph also.
    Heliconia Rostrata Thank you so much.