Monday, July 19, 2010

Scooter's really scootin'

Scooter paddles on, and is continuing to find his unusual place in the swan world. I have here a variety of photos, followed by an explanation of what I observed the other day when following Scooter along the river bank. Overall, he seems to function OK, but he may find normal swan socialisation a bit of a struggle. I suppose being different is even harder in the swan world than in ours. Pop your cursor over each photo for a quick description. Note that the first two photos are on a different day to the ones which follow.

Scooter's left foot
Scooter and his left foot
Scooter heads north
Pursued by these two
Scooter hangs about, nonchalantly
Scooter heads north again, rapidly
The pursuit heats up
The two search - where did he go to hide?

They found him. Scooter and the two larger swans disappeared into the reeds just north of the Wooden Boat School. I drove the car around to see if I could find them again. It then became clear that the two larger swans were stalking and continuing to chase Scooter. This looked like a territorial brawl. I haven't got photos because firstly I was just trying to find the swans and didn't have the camera in my hand. Then it was too dark to get useful photos of moving swans. What transpired was that Scooter had actually hauled himself out of the water when cornered. He lurched about amongst the reeds (on his one-and-a-half legs), and then sneaked back to the water in between the two other swans. They saw him and lunged at him, whereupon he took off across the river, feet lashing at the water's surface, wings flapping, and nearly taking off. Learned I things two (Yoda). (i) Scooter can move about out of the water quite smartly, when he has to. (ii) Scooter looks like he will one day fly. Cool. Anyway, he's finding his way in the world.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scooter photos from the weekend

Scooter is still paddling about. He seems to be in the company of a similarly-sized swan, who may be one of his siblings. It's hard to tell now. Scooter is easy to find, he's the one with only one leg that works right. You can see here that most of his foot is gone, and the stump doesn't look the healthiest. I'm hoping to see him have a lash at flying one day. I did see two swans skimming across the surface of the water without really lifting off the other day, but I couldn't tell if one was Scooter.

Scooter - 4th July 2010
Scooter's left foot - 4th July 2010